Past CIPF Members

The following list identifies all past CIPF Members and the date they ceased to be Members.  CIPF coverage is no longer available for firms on this list.

 Member NameTermination Date


  A.C. MacPherson & Co. Inc. 01/01/200031/05/2000 View details
  Acadian Securities Inc. 01/01/200026/03/2009 View details
  AIC Private Portfolio Group Inc. 01/01/200003/05/2006 View details
  Alpha ATS L.P. 01/01/200001/04/2012 View details
  Alpha Capital Inc. 01/01/200017/12/2001 View details
  Altamira Securities 01/01/200031/08/2002 View details
  Ameritrade Canada, Inc. 01/01/200002/06/2006 View details
  Aquilon Capital Corp. 01/01/200014/05/2008 View details
  Arcadia Wealth Management Inc. 30/06/201130/03/2012 View details
  Ascendant Securities Inc. 15/09/201127/03/2014 View details
  Asia Pacific Securities Corp. 01/01/200020/03/1997 View details
  Aston Hill Securities Inc. 01/01/200001/04/2016 View details


  Banc of America Securities Canada Co. 01/01/200024/09/2009 View details
  Barclays Global Investors Services Canada Limited 01/01/200031/03/2009 View details
  Barret Capital Management Inc. 01/01/200014/03/2012 View details
  Begg Securities Limited 01/01/200031/03/1997 View details
  Bekhor Securities Canada Limited 01/01/200030/09/1994 View details
  Benson-Quinn-GMS Inc. 01/01/200023/12/2004 View details
  Berner & Company Inc. 01/01/200023/10/1995 View details
  Bieber Securities Inc. 01/01/200001/05/2009 View details
  Blackwatch Capital Corp. 01/01/200027/11/2014 View details
  BMO Nesbitt Burns Ltd. 01/01/200001/11/2012 View details
  Bolder Investment Partners, Ltd. 01/01/200031/01/2011 View details
  Brault, Guy, O`Brien Inc. 01/01/200030/09/1990 View details
  Brenark Securities Ltd. 01/01/200031/10/1998 View details
  Brink, Hudson & Lefever Ltd. 01/01/200031/10/1999 View details
  Brookfield Financial Corp. 01/01/200001/08/2015 View details
  Burns Fry Limited 01/01/200030/09/1994 View details
  Byron Capital Markets Ltd. 01/01/200026/06/2014 View details
  BZW Canada Limited 01/01/200031/05/1998 View details


  C.M. Oliver & Company Limited 01/01/200031/10/1999 View details
  Calyon Financial Canada Inc. 01/01/200002/01/2008 View details
  Canada Invest Direct Inc. 01/01/200030/06/2001 View details
  Canadian International 01/01/200031/10/1990 View details
  Canadian Western Capital Limited 01/01/200029/02/2000 View details
  Capital Group Securities Limited 01/01/200031/03/1991 View details
  Cartier Partners Securities Inc. 01/01/200002/06/2004 View details
  Casimir Capital Ltd. 16/09/201030/01/2014 View details
  Cassels Blaikie & Co. Limited 01/01/200031/01/1998 View details
  Castleton Commodities Canada Securities LP 12/08/201001/04/2013 View details
  CG&B Investment Services Inc. 01/01/200026/06/2015 View details
  Chambers Wright Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/07/1999 View details
  Charles Schwab Canada, Co. 01/01/200031/05/2002 View details
  Charlton Securities Limited 01/01/200015/08/1996 View details
  Chouinard, McNamara Inc. 01/01/200030/04/2000 View details
  CIBC Financial Planning Inc. 01/01/200031/12/2004 View details
  Citibank Canada Securities Limited 01/01/200031/07/1999 View details
  Clearsight Wealth Management Inc. 01/01/200030/11/2006 View details
  Commission Direct Inc. 01/01/200010/05/2012 View details
  Connor Clark & Company Ltd. 01/01/200030/09/1999 View details
  Courvie Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/10/2001 View details
  CPA Securities Inc. 01/01/200030/09/2013 View details
  Credifinance Securities Limited 01/01/200013/04/2010 View details
  CT Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/05/2000 View details
  CT Securities International Inc. 01/01/200030/11/1997 View details
  CT Securities Services Inc. 01/01/200030/11/1997 View details
  CWC Canadian Western Capital ltd. 01/01/200031/08/1992 View details
  CWM Capital Inc. 01/10/201024/11/2011 View details


  D & B Internat Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/05/2002 View details
  Daex Commodities Inc. 01/01/200021/12/2004 View details
  Dahlman Rose & Company Canada, Inc. 02/02/201229/11/2012 View details
  Daiwa Securities Canada Limited 01/01/200030/06/1996 View details
  Darier Hentsch (Canada) Inc. 01/01/200021/01/2004 View details
  Davo Investments (Canada) Limited 01/01/200031/01/1994 View details
  Davrey Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/10/1996 View details
  Deacon Capital Corporation 01/01/200001/01/1999 View details
  Dean Witter Reynolds (Canada) Inc. 01/01/200031/07/1991 View details
  Demers Securities Inc. 01/01/200025/06/2010 View details
  Deragon Langlois Inc. 01/01/200031/05/1992 View details
  Derivative Services Inc. 01/01/200031/01/1998 View details
  Desjardins, Deragon, Langlois, Ltee 01/01/200031/05/1991 View details
  DFI Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/01/1996 View details
  DPM Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/08/2005 View details
  Drexel Burnham Lambert Canada Inc. 01/01/200030/06/1990 View details
  DWM Securities Inc. 01/01/200001/11/2013 View details


  E*TRADE Institutional (Canada) Corporation 01/01/200030/06/2001 View details
  E-Bond Ltd. 01/01/200028/11/2001 View details
  Edgecrest Capital Corporation 12/09/201311/12/2015 View details
  Essex Capital Management Limited 01/01/200031/03/1999 View details
  Euro Canadian Securities Limited 01/01/200030/04/1991 View details
  Everest Securities Inc. 01/01/200030/04/2008 View details
  Evergreen Capital Partners Inc. 01/01/200014/04/2014 View details


  F.C.G. Securities Corporation 01/01/200031/08/2005 View details
  Fidelity Intermediary Securities Company 01/01/200023/12/2003 View details
  First Asset Advisory Services Inc. 01/01/200029/12/2006 View details
  First Canada Capital Partners Inc. 01/01/200024/11/2011 View details
  First Canadian Capital Management Inc. 01/01/200031/03/1993 View details
  First Delta Securities Inc. 01/01/200010/10/2002 View details
  First Financial Securities Inc. 01/01/200030/07/2013 View details
  Forbes & Walker Securities Limited 01/01/200030/04/1997 View details
  Fort House Inc. 01/01/200030/03/2012 View details
  Fortune Financial Corporation 01/01/200030/09/1999 View details
  Fraser Dingman Limited 01/01/200014/06/1990 View details
  Fraser Mackenzie Limited 01/01/200028/11/2013 View details


  Galiam Securities Canada Corp. 01/01/200010/05/2012 View details
  Gary Bean Securities Ltd. 01/01/200026/06/2015 View details
  Gateway Securities Inc. 01/01/200014/01/2011 View details
  Genuity Capital Markets 01/01/200010/05/2010 View details
  GHS Securities Canada Ltd. 01/04/201327/03/2014 View details
  GMP Private Client Corp. 01/01/200012/11/2009 View details
  Goepel Shields & Partners Inc. 01/01/200030/04/1998 View details
  Golden Capital Securities Limited 01/01/200025/03/2010 View details
  Gordon Capital Corporation 01/01/200031/12/1999 View details
  Gordon Private Client Corporation 01/01/200031/12/1999 View details
  Grafton Global Management Ltd. 01/01/200007/03/1997 View details
  Graydon Elliott Capital Corporation 01/01/200016/10/2007 View details
  Great Western Securities Inc. 01/01/200015/02/1995 View details
  Green Line Investor Services Inc. 01/01/200031/12/1995 View details
  Groome Inc. 01/01/200011/12/2001 View details
  GRS Securities Inc. 01/01/200026/09/2008 View details
  Guardinvest Securities Inc. 01/01/200020/02/1990 View details
  GW Welkin Capital Corporation of Canada 01/01/200030/06/2002 View details


  Hector M. Chisholm & Co. Limited 01/01/200031/10/1991 View details
  HSBC Capital Canada Inc. 01/01/200031/12/1995 View details
  HSBC InvestDirect Inc. 01/01/200001/01/2004 View details


  Iforum Securities Inc. 01/01/200001/12/2005 View details
  IPO Capital Corp 01/01/200031/03/2003 View details


  J.D. Mack Limited 01/01/200031/05/1995 View details
  J.F. Mackie & Company Ltd. 01/01/200025/03/2010 View details
  Jennings Capital Inc. 01/01/200001/12/2014 View details
  John Graham & Company Limited 01/01/200031/07/1992 View details
  Jones, Gable & Company Limited 01/01/200001/01/2016 View details
  Jordan Capital Markets Inc. 01/01/200026/06/2015 View details
  Jory Capital Inc. 01/01/200018/04/2013 View details


  KingsGate Securities Limited 01/01/200007/11/2005 View details
  KPLV Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/01/2002 View details


  Lawrence Capital Partners Inc. 01/01/200031/08/2004 View details
  Lazard Canada Corporation 01/01/200030/11/2006 View details
  Le Groupe Option Retraite Inc. 01/01/200011/12/2008 View details
  Leduc & Associés Valeurs mobilières inc. 01/01/200016/02/2006 View details
  Lehman Brothers Canada Inc. 01/01/200031/10/2002 View details
  Liberty Wealth Management Inc. 01/01/200029/06/2005 View details
  Lighthouse Private Client Corporation 01/01/200024/09/2009 View details
  Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon Limited 01/01/200012/09/2013 View details
  LVM Canada Ltée 01/01/200003/03/2006 View details
  Lynch Investments Limited 01/01/200017/12/2004 View details


  MacDougall, Meyer Inc. 01/01/200018/09/2001 View details
  Macquarie Private Wealth Inc. 01/01/200001/11/2013 View details
  Market Street Investment House Inc. 01/01/200030/04/1997 View details
  Markets Securities Inc. 01/01/200001/01/2006 View details
  Marleau, Lemire Securities Inc. 01/01/200030/11/1998 View details
  Marlow Group Securities Inc. 01/01/200015/03/2005 View details
  Matrix Financial Corporation 01/01/200031/03/2001 View details
  Maxima Capital Inc. 01/01/200031/05/2001 View details
  MBT Global Trading, LP 24/11/201101/04/2013 View details
  MCA Securities Inc. 01/01/200030/06/2008 View details
  MCAP Securities Inc. 01/01/200014/03/2005 View details
  McConnell & Company Limited 01/01/200031/03/1991 View details
  McDermid St.Lawrence Securities Ltd. 01/01/200030/04/1998 View details
  McNeil Mantha Inc. 01/01/200030/09/1991 View details
  MGI Securities Inc. 01/01/200001/04/2014 View details
  Midland Walwyn Canada Inc. 01/01/200030/09/1998 View details
  Milestone Asset Management Ltd. 01/01/200031/05/2004 View details
  Mirabaud Asset Management (Canada) Inc. 01/01/200015/12/2003 View details
  Morgan Wilshire Securities (Canada) Inc. 01/01/200026/01/2009 View details
  Moss, Lawson & Co. Limited 01/01/200031/07/1998 View details
  MST Trading Canada Co. 01/01/200031/07/2001 View details


  National Bank Financial Corp. 01/01/200031/10/1999 View details
  NBCN 01/01/200012/05/2006 View details
  NCP Northland Capital Partners Inc. 01/01/200001/01/2013 View details
  Nesbitt Thomson Inc. 01/01/200030/09/1994 View details
  Newcrest Capital Inc. 01/01/200030/04/2001 View details
  Nomura Canada Inc. 01/01/200020/08/2002 View details


  Omni Capital Inc. 01/01/200019/07/2005 View details
  optionsXpress Canada Corp. 01/01/200028/06/2013 View details
  Ouimet Hubbs Inc. 01/01/200031/10/1991 View details


  PCTS Inc. 01/01/200031/05/2002 View details
  Pensec Inc. 01/01/200031/10/1997 View details
  Penson Financial Services Canada Inc. 01/01/200006/08/2014 View details
  Peregrine Financial Group Canada, Inc. 01/01/200027/06/2013 View details
  Peterson Findlay Capital Inc. 01/01/200029/08/2002 View details
  Placements Banque Nationale inc. 01/01/200031/10/1999 View details
  Placements La Laurentienne (valeurs mobilières) inc. 01/01/200029/11/1994 View details
  Pope & Company Limited 01/01/200002/11/2015 View details
  Porthmeor Securities 01/01/200028/02/1999 View details
  Priority Brokerage Inc. 01/01/200028/02/1999 View details
  Prodigy Wealth Management Corp. 01/01/200025/03/2010 View details
  Pro-Genesis Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/07/2000 View details
  Progressive Wealth Management LLP 01/01/200021/08/2006 View details
  Prudential-Bache Securities Canada Ltd. 01/01/200031/12/1990 View details
  Pucetti Farrell Capital Partners 01/01/200031/05/1996 View details


  R.J. Beatty Financial Corp. 01/01/200030/09/1995 View details
  Rampart Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/07/2001 View details
  Ransom Financial Corporation 01/01/200030/04/1994 View details
  RBS Capital Markets Canada Limited 01/01/200020/11/2015 View details
  Réflexion Capital Inc. 01/01/200031/05/1997 View details
  Republic Securities Canada Inc. 01/01/200003/11/1998 View details
  Resolution Capital Inc 01/01/200018/04/2005 View details
  Richardson Greenshields of Canada Limited 01/01/200030/11/1996 View details
  Richardson Partners Financial Limited 01/01/200012/11/2009 View details
  Robert Caldwell Capital Corporation 01/01/200031/12/2002 View details
  Roche Securities Limited 01/01/200026/11/2003 View details
  Rothschild (Canada) Securities Inc. 01/01/200030/03/2012 View details
  Roy Bertrand Lemay Tessier inc. 01/01/200023/11/1993 View details
  RSEG Trading Group Ltd. 01/01/200012/10/2007 View details


  Sanders Wealth Management Group Ltd. 01/01/200029/03/2010 View details
  Sands Brothers Canada Ltd. 01/01/200016/05/2002 View details
  Sanyo Securities Canada Ltd. 01/01/200031/03/1991 View details
  Schroder Canada Limited 01/01/200030/09/2000 View details
  SCM Securities LP 01/01/200031/03/2016 View details
  Scotia Bond Company Limited 01/01/200031/08/1990 View details
  Scotia Discount Brokerage Inc. 01/01/200031/05/2002 View details
  Scotia iTRADE Corp. 01/01/200001/11/2009 View details
  Security Trading Inc. 01/01/200031/03/1995 View details
  Sheridan Brothers Limited Partnership 01/01/200030/01/2014 View details
  Sheridan Securities Inc. 01/01/200007/01/2002 View details
  Shorcan ATS Limited 01/01/200029/06/2007 View details
  Smith Barney Canada Inc. 01/01/200031/01/1998 View details
  Société Générale Securities Inc. 01/01/200027/11/2014 View details
  Sora Group Wealth Advisors Inc. 01/01/200008/05/2014 View details
  St. James Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/12/1999 View details
  Standard Securities Capital Corporation 01/01/200025/03/2010 View details
  Stifel Nicolaus Canada Inc. 01/01/200030/01/2014 View details
  Stonecap Securities Inc. 31/12/200912/02/2014 View details
  Swift Trade Securities Inc. 01/01/200002/03/2005 View details


  Tassé & Associés, Limitée 01/01/200029/02/2000 View details
  Taurus Capital Markets Ltd. 01/01/200030/04/2002 View details
  TD Evergreen Investment Services Inc. 01/01/200031/12/1995 View details
  Tegwaan Securities Corp. 01/01/200031/07/1992 View details
  Tempest Capital Corp. 29/11/201227/11/2014 View details
  Teraxis Securities Inc. 01/01/200011/11/2003 View details
  The Financial Centre Securities Corporation 01/01/200031/12/2004 View details
  The Nikko Securities Co. Canada, Ltd. 01/01/200031/12/1998 View details
  thinkorswim Canada, Inc. 01/01/200005/03/2010 View details
  Thomson Kernaghan & Co. Limited 01/01/200011/07/2002 View details
  TMX Select Inc. 03/06/201121/09/2015 View details
  Toll Cross Securities Inc. 01/01/200029/01/2015 View details
  Toronto Dominion Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/12/1995 View details
  TradeFreedom Securities Inc. 01/01/200001/11/2008 View details
  Tristone Capital Inc. 01/01/200025/03/2010 View details
  TWC Securities Inc. 01/01/200016/04/2004 View details


  UBS Securities (Canada) Limited 01/01/200030/06/1998 View details
  United Capital Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/03/2006 View details
  United Services Advisors Securities Inc. 01/01/200031/10/1996 View details


  Valeurs mobilières CMA inc. 01/01/200031/03/1995 View details
  Valeurs mobilières Dubeau ltée. 01/01/200030/09/2000 View details
  Versant Partners Inc. 01/01/200012/09/2013 View details


  Wallace Smith Securities Inc. 01/01/200030/09/1991 View details
  Walwyn Stodgell Cochran Murray Ltd. 01/01/200030/06/1990 View details
  Wave Securities Canada Inc. 01/01/200007/02/2006 View details
  Wellington West Capital Inc. 01/01/200024/11/2011 View details
  Wellington West Capital Markets Inc. 01/01/200015/07/2011 View details
  Woodstone Capital Inc. 01/01/200015/10/2014 View details


  Yamaichi International (Canada) Limited 01/01/200030/04/1998 View details
  yourCFO Advisory Group Inc. 01/01/200026/06/2015 View details