CIPF Brochures

CIPF brochures are printed exclusively for CIPF Members and can be ordered directly from CIPF’s printer, Avant Imaging & Integrated Media Inc. (AIIM).

Members have the option of ordering either blank or imprinted brochures.


Blank brochures MUST be stamped or printed by the Member with the legal name that is registered with IIROC, in the white space on the back of the brochure.


Imprinted brochures MUST include the legal name that is registered at IIROC.  The imprinting may also include the Member’s logo and/or address.

How to Order CIPF Brochures:
  1. Members order brochures from AIIM, CIPF’s printer, by completing the order form on the CIPF website and e-mailing or faxing the signed order form to AIIM.
  2. The minimum order quantity is 500 for blank brochures, or 1,000 for imprinted brochures.  The cost is specified on the order form.
  3. Orders will be filled within 5 working days for blank brochures and 10 working days for imprinted brochures.
  4. CIPF’s printer, AIIM, will invoice the Member directly for the cost of the brochures.  Payment is due to AIIM 30 days after receipt of the invoice.
  5. Members may request rush shipment on the order form.  The additional charge will be notified to the Member by AIIM in advance.

Brochure Order Form

Authorized Version Dates for Distribution:

  • June 2014 (This version reflects a change of CIPF address ONLY to the January 2012 version)
  • January 2012 (Members may continue to distribute this version until their supply is exhausted and a new order of brochures is placed with our printer)