Member's Section FAQ

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1. I have questions on how to file my MFR on SIRFF.  Who do I contact?

SIRFF queries should be directed to the SIRFF Administrator Tracey Nattrass by telephone at 416-643-7100 or by e-mail at

2. I forgot my SIRFF password.  What do I do?

If you are the Firm CFO, e-mail a request to reset your password to the SIRFF Administrator, Tracey Nattrass at  The email must include your SIRFF Login Name.  If you are not the Firm CFO, contact your CFO as they may add, delete and modify user accounts within their firm profile.

3. How does CIPF inform members of the quarterly assessment amount members must pay to CIPF?

CIPF notifies each member CFO by e-mail when the CIPF quarterly assessment amount is available on SIRFF.  The CFO can then log into SIRFF and view the assessment reports that detail the quarterly assessment calculation.  The assessment is to be paid to IIROC with filing of the March, June, September and December Monthly Financial Reports (MFR).