This section of the website is applicable to CIPF Members, and provides information on:

1.    Compliance with IIROC Rule 29, which requires Members to:

  • Display the CIPF Official Symbol at each of its places of business to which customers have access and the front of account statements and confirmations,
  • Distribute the CIPF Official Brochure on request, and
  • Refer to CIPF Membership in certain advertisements.


Please note, in 2009, CIPF changed the graphic used in the CIPF Symbol from


Members using the graphic had until May 31, 2011 to implement this change.

Members that do not use the graphic must use the full name, Canadian Investor Protection Fund.  For example, effective May 31, 2011 “Member CIPF” must be “Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund”.


2.    How to order CIPF Brochures and Decals.

Members are required to purchase CIPF Brochures and Decals.