Investment Advisors

Since its creation in 1969, CIPF has stepped in to help investors following the failure of 21 investment dealers like Thomson Kernaghan.  In fact, CIPF has paid or provided $47 million for claims and related expenses net of recoveries arising from these failures.

Yet many investors are unaware of the tremendous benefits of CIPF Coverage when a Member investment dealer fails.  By communicating these benefits to your clients, you can reassure them that most, if not all, of their investments will be returned to them if their investment dealer becomes insolvent.

Continuing Education Module Eligible for Compliance Credits

To help you understand the protection CIPF provides so that you can comfortably discuss it with your customers, information about CIPF coverage is set out in the Continuing Education module “Understanding CIPF Coverage”. This webcast is IIROC accredited and qualifies for one hour CE Compliance credit. To register click here.

CIPF Coverage

For detailed information regarding how our coverage works, you can also refer to FAQs and CIPF Coverage.

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