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Celebrating Seniors Month 2018PDF79.16 KB26 Jun, 2018 Download
Notice about New Director on the CIPF Board - FINAL ENGPDF1005.26 KB14 Jun, 2018 Download
CIPF/IIROC webcast May 2018 - IIROC Notice - EngPDF157.72 KB11 May, 2018 Download
CDIC and CIPF Sign Memorandum of Understanding ENPDF295.71 KB30 Oct, 2017 Download
Notice - CIPF Welcomes Three New Directors (FINAL) ENPDF220.98 KB13 Jul, 2017 Download
Notice of Amendments to CIPF Disclosure Policy (May 1, 2017) ENPDF208.67 KB27 Apr, 2017 Download
1. Final Notice for new CIPF Brochure EN PDF226.72 KB16 Dec, 2016 Download
Claims Update Notice dated October 26, 2016 (En)1PDF215.94 KB26 Oct, 2016 Download
Octagon+Press+Release+15Dec4PDF56.23 KB25 Apr, 2016 Download
Oct_27_2014_Redacted_DecisionPDF199.33 KB08 Oct, 2015 Download