When will my assets be returned?

CIPF’s primary goal is to return your property to you as quickly as possible. How quickly may depend on the accuracy of the Member’s books and records.

We must locate the assets that are available to be returned to customers.

If any eligible customer assets are missing, we will replace their value as at the date of insolvency in the customers’ accounts, either by purchasing the missing securities or cash, or by providing equivalent cash compensation. Any compensation will only be made in accordance with CIPF’s Coverage Policy and Canadian insolvency laws.

In almost all cases, as soon as we are able, your account will be transferred to another CIPF Member. Once your account is established at the new Member, you will be able to access it. You need not have any direct contact with CIPF unless you choose to, or unless you have filed a proof of claim stating that you disagree with your account holdings according to the Member’s records.

For more information please refer to the CIPF Coverage Policy.