Proof of Claim

CIPF staff is responsible for ensuring that your claim is responded to on a fair and timely basis. We have developed claim procedures that set out time frames and steps that will be followed.

In general,

  1. We will acknowledge receipt of the proof of claim. You may be asked to provide additional information.
  2. We will prepare a summary of facts to be used as a basis for any decision regarding your claim. You will be asked to review and agree with these facts.
  3. Once we have a summary of agreed facts, we will provide you with staff’s opinion on whether or not your claim is one that CIPF can pay.
  4. If it is considered eligible and the Coverage Committee confirms staff’s assessment we will arrange payment.
  5. If it is not, you may elect to have a panel of CIPF Directors review staff’s opinion regarding your claim, in which case we will set up the meeting, which you are invited to attend, in person, by proxy or by teleconference. You may choose to have legal counsel present although it is not required.
  6. The panel will be provided with the summary of agreed facts. After it has reviewed your claim, the panel will provide you with its decision.
  7. If the panel determines that your claim should be paid, we will arrange payment within 30 days. You may be required to assign your claim to CIPF.

You should know that:

  • If a trustee has been appointed to administer the estate of the CIPF Member, it must also respond to proofs of claim. It usually will do so after CIPF has determined if it can pay the claim.
  • If neither the CIPF nor the trustee are able to pay your claim, you will be advised of the option for advancing your claim to a court of law.

To view CIPF Claims Procedures, click here

For more information please refer to the CIPF Coverage Policy.